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free smallSociometryPro Description SociometryPro is a computer program that enables you to quickly calculate data for Sociometric Research and obtain correct results. If you want to research a group of people of any age, explore the problems existing inside, analyze potential conflicts or create a cohesive group of professionals using the sociometric method of Y. L. Moreno (USA), then the SociometryPro program can significantly reduce your labor expenses required for routine results calculation.

It was created in 2004-2005 by the specialists:

 Elena RazorenovaElena Razorenova (expert psychologist, Russia)

 Dmitry LesinDmitry Lesin (software developer, Germany)

For making such a group with SociometryPro you should go through next steps:

  • Define sociometry question (criterion) asked to each member of the group (for example, "Who is the best for you to work together in the same team?")
  • Provide the procedure of choices in the group when each group members answers the criterion defined
  • Input the choices data into SociometryPro software
  • Evaluate the results of sociometry procedure using SociometryPro's data views: charts with indexes, graphs, targets and reports
  • Make a conclusion about the group status and design the methods targeted to increase the group characteristics (here you should use all your knowledge and experience in sociometry area)
  • Undertake the designed actions directed to develop the group (training the members, group reformation, etc.)
  • Repeat sociometry testing from start step and repeat the evaluation of the team status

The computer program SociometryPro can be very much useful for psychologists, sociologists, project and human resources managers, teachers and different consultants. If you need frequently apply sociometry research then SociometryPro can significantly increase the effectiveness of your work because it helps to get reliable data at the shortest time.

As well, SociometryPro can be applied in the sociology. The program can significantly economize your time if you need to provide sociological research often.


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