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Sindy is freeThe System of Interactive Diagnostics Sindy is software from LeDiS Group that will help you construct and debug your own test which can be used for providing distributed testing with our Web site. Testing can be related to such business areas as:

  • Educational testing and certification if you work in an educational organization
  • Human Resource Management for HR-agencies, companies, etc
  • Psychological Diagnostics (preferrable career evaluation, diagnostics of cognitive abilities, emotional area diagnostics, personal psychological diagnostics, diagnostics in the area of motivations , diagnostics of social and communication abilities, diagnostics of personal relations, diagnostics of internal and external team relations, etc.)
  • Assessment and Consulting in a variaty of kinds
  • Interviewing and Polling in business and social areas

 General Sindy capabilities are:

  • Free local program for Windows which enables any kind of usage (including commercial)
  • Test Builder constructed as hierarchical tree of test objects. You can easily build your own tests and and add test objects into them (title, annotation, instruction, questions, answers, scales and interpretations, answers weights for designing a calculation algorithm, etc).
  • Test Debugger that can run constructed test and verify its work. As well, you can create professional tests for organizing testing with your own computer at any time.


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