SociometryPro's Screenshots

Main window

The main window bring you a set of instruments displaying arranged sociometric objects on the left panel. The rights side enables you to open detailed views of various sociometric aspects of a testing completed. It means that all that you need is only select an object on the left side and next open any of available presentations of the object on the right side. When working with views, you can open a lot of them to display presentations of multiple objects that can be very suitable for the comparison.


When an investigation is created, you can open the window of choices for it. The table with multiple cells give you a way to visually mark the choices made by the members of a tested group. Simple mouse clicking is all that you need to do a positive or a negative choice, as well as clean the content of a cell.

 The additional window areas on the right and in the bottom will show you calculated values per rows or per columns accordingly in real time. So, you can analyze the situation in the group trying to predict what will happen if some choices could be made here or there.


Here, the window shows all group and individual indices of an investigation as charts. Sociometric indices are calculated values made by result of a testing provided. They can demonstrate you the features of a group of participants. Based on them, you can get the necessary knowledge about the group, and go adequate actions if you believe that they can help to the people which you are interacting with.

Many professionals know that the calculations for a group with only a few participants can be laborious. This is where SociometryPro can be valuable for you - not in organization of a testing itself, but in a help to calculate the results. You will better concentrate on your work with the people instead of the need to spend a lot of time for calculations. Moreover, the most of results can be got already during a testing without the need to make a large break until you will get the values.


This window shows all choices made by clients as a graph presentation. You can changes the figure types on your own and locate the figures in the most comfortable manner. This is a special visualization that sometimes can give you even more details than using only the numeric values calculated at the end of testing. Such view can be much easier to be used in discussion with your colleagues or with your customers if you need.


When you move mouse cursor over a ring, then SociometryPro displays a list of clients with the same number of input choices as the number displayed on the ring. Another word, this list contains client names which were chosen N times, where N is the value of the choices on selected ring. This is one more specific presentation of a sociometric investigation that you can use in your work.


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