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Here you can download Sindy program for local installation in accordance to your goals. If you are interested in Sindy then simply download the program by next links, install it and use all Sindy capabilities without any constraints.

Stable Release: Sindy v2.0.1.51

Release Date: April 12, 2017

Release Russian Locale English Locale

ZIP-archive, 1.22 Mb:
Download Download Sindy
EXE-file, 1.25 Mb:
Download Download Sindy

Userguide (PDF), 2.79 Mb:
Download Download Sindy User Guide in PDF

Helper (HTML):

Open Download Sindy User Guide in PDF

ZIP-archive, 1.22 Kb:
Download Download Sindy
EXE-file, 1.25 Kb:
Download Download Sindy


We will appreciate you for any kinds of feedback regarding Sindy defects (if you find) and enhancement requests in helping us to improve software. Any your messages can be sent to our support service.

The software located here is verified by antivirus software and other virus detection programs. As well, the software was carefully tested in our Testing Center and all found defects were fixed by developers.

Prerequisites for Sindy

Type: 32-bit Windows-application.

Hardware requirements: PC-compatible computer, at least, 8 Mb of available RAM, 10 Mb of free place in HDD, keyboard, mouse, monitor.

Software requirements: 32-bit operation system - Windows (95,98,NT,2000,Me,XP) or 64-bit Windows supporting execution of 32-bit software (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc), Microsoft Internet Explorer (from 6.0 and higher) and Microsoft Word (from 2003 and higher).


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